woensdag 17 september 2014

Bigger plans for ENZO

Originally made on the(24HCD 2013)is first part of called Enzo and Emma those strange days

will be re drawn/written and the series will continue under the name ENZO.
and will give you more depth in the events that are going on in the stories.

Genres: action, supernatural, adventure, mysterious, science fiction, detective, survival,

Link to untangle Short Story Projects / ENZO (Blog)

zondag 24 november 2013


The story FLY is planed to be realized on the Ibook store. like the Enzo and Emma series.
when this story FLY is finished that will be short story. with probably no fallowing chapters unlike EaE story.

this story is about a girl how believes she can fly.
because she just knows she can and on one day she will fly.
until she is soundly surrounded by a dark mysterious world.

Genres: supernatural, adventure, mysterious,

zaterdag 2 november 2013

plans for the Short Story Projects

when I was thinking that I have to made a short story for the 24 hour comic day. did i first think that that would be hard to do. and in a way it is for me. but because I didn't have a other choice I learned to somethings let some long jet interesting questions un answers and unexplored.

and started a story 2 days before the 24HCD and it works well when you work with the limitation that it have to be short. so I hope to make more short stories after this one and when I finished the Enzo and Emma story that I started on the 24HCD.

because I know its a good practice when I go working on my big series like Prana, Bio Meganic, Lion Star and so on.

my first 24HCD

(EN) it was my fist time go in to the 24 hour comic day. and I didn't make is in the time frame to finsh it all.
I did had a raw story board, characters " developed" , and of corse workt on the equal pages until I was getting so sleepy dat I could word zo well.

(NL) het was de eerste keer dat ik naar de the 24 hour comic day. en ik kreeg het verhaal niet af binnen de 24 uur. maar ik had wel het verhaal gestoryboard en characters gemaakt. en natuurlijk de pagina's gemaakt deels tot ik te veel aan vechten was met me zelf wakker houden.

Link to the English version (G+)
Link to de nederlandse verzie(G+)